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Call to the human chain

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Let us turn around our energy future
form a great human chain
to surround the halls of power!

Have we forgotten Fukushima?

Unreasonably dangerous and expensive, nuclear power submits humans and all living beings to pollution and is an unacceptable threat. Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima – no other technology created in such a short time have had disasters so ‘sustainable’. With 58 reactors, French nuclear power represents a major risk for us and our European neighbors. Are we waiting for the Nogent-sur-Seine power plant, 95 km from Paris, to become the European Fukushima? The industry puts its employees at risk, entire regions around the world are being polluted by uranium mining, and moreover the famous “energy independence” promised is a myth. Not only can nuclear power not stop climate change, but it produces thousands of tonnes of unmanageable toxic waste and maintains unsustainable consumption patterns.

Fortunately, nuclear power is not inevitable!

Already, many countries have chosen to abandon nuclear, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. We do not need to extend the life of our aging plants or to build new ones. An energy revolution is urgently necessary, creating a tremendous opportunity for employment, health and democracy. Nuclear power has been imposed without any debate, but imagining new ways to produce and consume energy is everyone’s business.

Together, we can act, and now is the time to do it!

On 11 March 2012, a year after the Fukushima disaster, 60,000 people formed a huge human chain from Lyon to Avignon to demand the phase-out of nuclear energy. In response, the new president promised the hypothetical closure by 2017 of one nuclear power plant in Fessenheim. We need to continue the momentum for a nuclear phase-out decision – join us on March 9, 2013 in Paris for a national event to put pressure on pressure on political and economical leaders. It’s time to mobilise against the power of money and the lies of the government and the nuclear industry. We can win by force of numbers and determination, and for that we need you!

International human chain:
In solidarity with the victims of Fukushima
and calling for nuclear phase-out

Paris Saturday 9 March 2013, 1.30pm

This chain is living proof of our common desire to gather in a non-violent and friendly way with all the people who want a society without nuclear. Get involved now !

Every person counts and we’re counting on you!


- Let’s meet at 1:30pm at the gathering points to start our great human chain !

Animations by artists and speeches by activists will take place until the human chain starts at 2:30pm.
Once we all gather together, the chain should be completed thanks to us by 3:15pm. The chain willl later be untied at 4:30pm.
The day will go on with a rendez-vous at la Bastille by 5:30pm where a big music concert of support to the event will take place. A theatrical play is then planned at 8:30pm.

- Chain itinerary and gathering points

The chain will have its main axis between la Defense and Bercy and will be linked to huge loops that will circle around several key spots of power and decision taking.
Several gathering points will have a particular theme, to help the public understand better the role of each institutions in nuclear politics.
If you would like to join the human chain, feel free to choose the gathering point which suits you better.

- Big concert at la Bastille at 5:30pm Once we have surrounded the key spots of power, we will take of la Bastille !
Learn more...

- Theatrical play “The impossible case” at 8:30pm

A 747 Boeing of the Trans-Afrique Airways company registered EI-CSY and coming from Casablanca, vol AT 764, arriving at Paris Orly at 4:15am crashes on the Blayais nuclear power plant located in the town of Braut et Saint-Louis, in the Gironde department. On his board were 2 pilots, a technical navigating staff, 4 stewards, several sales navigating staff - 140 passengers including 2 babies. No survivor was reported... Such is the wire from which this unprecedented play is based.

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